Solo Exhibition “The world around us”

Jerusalem House of Quality, Jerusalem, Israel, 2010

Anna Zarnitzky in her canvases transforms the motifs of fauna into images of the fantastic world by expressive plastic means. In some of these canvases she underlines the visible plastic authenticity of the image, in some of them it is the linear graphic touch of the form marked out, and in some others, it is the dynamic, vibrating space accentuated. Her works as if the eradiate energy of pure color action. The paintings convey an intensive piercingly gaudy color, and the effect is achieved by comparison of pairs of additional contrasting pure colors – red and green, orange and violet, yellow and blue, as well as by acute rhythm, by dab dynamics.

Anna herself asserts that her pictorial language comes from the fusion of intuitive sensation of color and her knowledge of color studies. Her sensation of color is close to the principles of op-art (optic art) with its sophisticated color combinations resulting in an unexpected visual effect.

The paintings of Anna Zarnitsky are thematically conditional, modern in their stylistics, where modernism of the first third of the 20th century is enriched with the up-to-date sensation of the objective world and the abstract conditionality. The world created by the artist is attracting, exciting, discovering the best of the human emotions, carried away by its festive color saturation, its capability of renovation and creation, its aesthetic aspiration for harmony.