Solo Exhibition “Light & Color”

Irkutsk Regional Art Museum after the name of V.P. Sukachov, Russia, 2013

Anna Zarnitzky was born in Irkutsk, studied at the Irkutsk College of Arts. She remembers with gratitude her teachers and those who contributed to her professional formation: A.Vichugzhanin, T.Gromyko, V.Adov, G.Bogdanov, V.Beshnov. The next educational institution which Anna graduated successfully from was the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Dept. of Drawing. In her biography, she also mentions without fail the courses she held in the Moscow suburban “Senezh” creative country-cottage, which in its time was the place of the artists’ creative potential promotion, a contribution to their creative and professional advancement.

Since 1991 Anna Zarnitzky has been living and working in Israel. It is here that her formation as an artist took place. The nature and the climate of this country had a peculiar impact on the formation of her style and manner. Tel Aviv metaphysics envelops everyone who visits this city or lives there, and the more the creative personality submits to this influence, the more the Israeli aura exerts its impact on the creative nature. Though artistic creation in this country actually absorbed everything which took place both in European and in Asian cultural life, all these trends somehow inscrutably were “milled anew” and were interwoven, creating it’s unique and at the same time “universal” art.

In this respect, the stylistic nature of works of art created by Anna Zarnitzky perceives their specific character. Her profound professional training in realistic painting laid the foundation of her creative laboratory, while means and devices of fine arts have undergone radical changes in the direction of expressive presentation. The balanced Russian painting culture with its meditative and serene mood could not satisfy the artist. The dramatic dynamics of the world she happened to be involved in as fate willed it, demanded new means of fine art. Simple and contrasting color spots, broken lines, the disquieting rhythm of fantastic volumes which inspire Anna Zarnitzky to create the space of her works – all this serves an evidence for intensive inner spiritual activity. The artist as if strives to surmount the borders of her own “Myself”, to exceed its bounds, to share the profundity of her emotional experience with the onlooker. This complex and tense creative activity is being embodied in her painting.

She is excitable and energetic both in her creative work and in her public activity: in 2012 she was awarded a diploma of the US Californian International Academy of Science, Education, Industry and Arts (for the preservation of cultural heritage). In a year after having immigrated to Israel she joined the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors, at present she serves the Chairman of the “Israeli Professional Artists’ Association”.

Anna Zarnitzky took part in numerous personal and group exhibitions in Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Israel and other countries, but her personal exhibition in Irkutsk is peculiar, for being exposed in her homeland, and she undoubtedly hopes that the Irkutsk public will appraise her creative work at its true worth.

Iraida Fedchina, Art critic