Solo Exhibition “Colors of the Middle East”

Lviv National Art Gallery after the name of B. Voznytsky, Ukraine, 2013

In the autumn rainy day Lviv residents and visitors could feel the hot taste of the East: in the Lviv National Gallery of Arts B. Voznitsky On September 18, an exhibition of Israeli artists Andrian Judro and Anna Zarnitsky “Colors of the Middle East” was opened, which lasted a month. It was held under the patronage of the general director of the oldest art gallery in Ukraine Larissa Razinkova. In three exhibition halls, an exposition of paintings was opened, telling the public about modern Israel.

 In the newscasts of Lviv television reported: “The image in the pictures conveys the true spirit of the East. Anyone who watches the work of the masters not only sees but also feels Israel in all its glory: it is not only an impressive Israel with its day and night colors, mysterious people but also natural landscapes, images of things that are symbols of this country”.

The exhibition “Colors of the Middle East” was presented in Lviv for the first time and made a very good impression, as many art critics wrote in various media.

The curator of the exhibition art critic Alexandra Kalinichenko stressed that each of the artists sees Israel in their own way: “Andrian Judro in painting gravitates towards a realistic manner, subtly reproduces the nature of the country, smiles of the inhabitants. Anna Zarnitsky is more expressive: her characters are more dramatic, and in some works, they even resemble theatrical puppets. However, the creativity of artists is something that unites. They use extraordinary colors in their works, passing through them the air of the desert, the cool night of Jerusalem, its smell and taste”.

“When you look at these works, you feel hints that emerge from the history and traditions of Jewish art on every canvas,” said Natalia Levkovich, who studies the history of Jewish art.

The exhibition “Colors of the Middle East” introduced the people of Lviv into the world of the Promised Land with its originality, even smells and sounds, which became attractive not only for artists but also for spectators. And this is not surprising: the criticism noted the high professional level of the works of the Israeli artists of the brush.

Isabella Slutskaya, Bat Yam, Israel