Solo Exhibition “Close and Different”

The  Tiroche Gallery, Herzliya Pituah, Israel, 2015

“I take two opposed colors, and when they are coming in touch within one tone, there happens a blending resembling a crown created by light beam”.

Creations of Anna Zarmitsky introduce the spectator to the mythological-theatrical realm rich of content, to associations and images full of life. Her creations render the sense of entering into a vast space, into a total scene causing the spectator to feel as if time stood still, and he is observing the moment which will never pass away.

The occurrences taking place in her creations are usually dramatic, and at the same time, the feeling transmitted to the spectator is that of romantic optimism echoing classic art.

Anna controls the mysteries of art and the range of techniques and succeeds to transmit to us those feelings by means of strong, intensive and opposed colors.

Anna was inspired by the trend of optic art founded by Victor Vasarely. Optic art deceives the eye and examines the connection between vision and analysis of information absorbed in the eye through the mind. When the spectator observes the creation, the impression is that of motion, of hidden visions, of pattern, or, alternatively, either of volume or of distortion of space and perspective.

The creations of Anna in color are controlled by the same characteristics of motion of the form and the background, while what is added to them is the element of opposed colors, putting two opposed colors side by side, thus causing the feeling of depth in illusive space, so that it seems as if forms in the composition invade the space if the spectator.

Anna created a new interpretation and combined distortion of vision with strong colors and created a peculiar style transferring to the spectator a feeling of aspiration to harmony.

Hadas Rafael, “Tirosh” Gallery regent