Solo Exhibition “ART & LOVE”

Art About – Israeli -Worldwide Exhibition, Israel, 2017

The works of Anna Zarnitsky are variable and there is no need to search for the common factor in them. However, there is something that unites them in terms of their wholeness and original creative individuality. This is the feeling of the artist’s internal freedom, the openness of thoughts, feeling and imagination, and the free creative fantasy. Anna creates a fantastic reality that is self-sufficient but open to those who feel the same. It is not easy to enter her complicated spiritual world, but it is even more difficult to get released from the magic of its images, energy of colors and plastics. Only when you get familiar with this world and accept the rules of the game dictated by the artist you will be able to feel romantic and poetic philosophy of Anna Zarnitsky. It turns the reality into the fairy where everything is possible: joy and sorrow, surrealistic visions and traces of ancient civilizations, intuitive insight and universal spiritual and aesthetic values.

 Anna Zarnitsky grew up and studied in Irkutsk. She was probably influenced by Siberia in her feeling of vast spaces, a large scale of ideas and completeness of characters. In Israel, she came in touch with the innovations of the world arts of the last century and indirect associations, plastic metaphors, and allegories that are inseparable from sharp observation, whereas her theoretic concepts are linked to the worries and cataclysms of today. Going through fantastic situations and the combination of impossible we reach the universal paradigm of creativity – the real artistic feeling of a whole and its parts.

Anna Zarnitsky is a mature artist who is able to master all expressive means, such as picture, composition, and color. She is an artist with her own original worldview. She does not repeat the subjects that she likes, and her creative impulses are unexpected and unpredictable, though she always aspires to reach the final goal. Overcoming the “gravity” of truth-loving doctrine that she learned in her youth, Anna builds her strange world by her own laws. Her surrealistic mirages make us shudder, but the purifying catharsis creates the poetic harmony of birds and flowers of visible and invisible. Anna does not avoid the dramatic collisions beginning. Anna has an emotional personality, though sometimes constrained by the creative and artistic discipline. Separating herself from everyday life Anna faces her viewers who expect from her not the idyllic pictures but the food for feeling and thoughts.